Helice | Bell UH-1Y
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Bell UH-1Y

Bell UH-1Y

The utility helicopter built on a rich history with 21st century technology

The Bell Boeing V-22 is the world’s first production tiltrotor aircraft, successfully blending the vertical flight capability of a helicopter with the speed, range, altitude and endurance of an airplane. This unique combination provides the warfighter with an unprecedented advantage. This allows more effective mission execution and realization of missions previously unachievable in one aircraft. Comprehensively tested and currently in full-rate production, the Bell Boeing V-22 has proven to be a survivable and transformational platform in the most challenging environments on the planet.

170 KIAS Max Speed

119 nm Combat Radius 2 Crew and 8

2 Crew and 8 Passenger Seats


The Latest Airframe Technologies

  • Energy attenuating crashworthy seats
  • Energy-absorbing landing gear
  • Self-sealing fuel tanks and fuel systems
  • Fuel vapor inerting systems
  • Mass retention designs to ensure major components stay where they should in the event of a crash.
  • Marinized to prevent corrosion and ease operations in coastal or oceanic theaters
  • 85 percent commonality of components with Bell AH-1Z, providing reduced logistical requirements


  • AVR-2A Laser Warning Receiver
  • APR-39A(v)2 Radar Warning Receiver
  • ALE-47 “Smart” Countermeasures Dispenser
  • AAR-47 Missile Warning Device
  • Brite Star ii improved Navigation Thermal Imaging System (NTIS)
  • FLIR Systems, Inc., BRITE Star NTIS is used for targeting and Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) images displayed on MFD
  • The Optimised Top Owl Helmet Mounted Sight Display (HMSD) supports improved communication and reduced cockpit workload.
  • The Optimised Top Owl HMSD is the most technically advanced helmet available