Helice | Bell 206L4 Gub
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Bell 206L4 Gub

Bell 206L4

Reliability Meets Proven Capability

Whether for corporate transport, HEMS, support for energy or parapublic operators, the Bell 206L4 has what it takes to accomplish the mission. Featuring a high-inertia two-bladed rotor system, and patented suspension system that delivers a smooth ride. The Bell 206L4 can comfortably hold up to six passengers and one pilot.

Useful Load

2,119 lbs.

325 nm Max Range

6 Passengers

Air Frame

All of our aircraft are designed and built with safety in mind. That is why the Bell 206L4 is equipped with a variety of safety features including: reliable engines, transmissions with chip detection and debris collection, superb autorotation, rollover bulkheads, rupture-resistant fuel cells, collective-mounted throttle and optional wire strike protection.

Low fuel consumption per hour combined with economical direct maintenance costs allows our customers more value for every flight hour


The Bell 206L4 is an exceptional choice for the parapublic sector from local to federal police agencies. Ideal for patrol functions where interoperability is important, the Bell 206L4 can carry tactical radios, a multi-sensor camera, a moving map, and search lights all designed to increase your situational awareness and effectiveness. Combined with mission flexibility and low operating and maintenance costs, the Bell 206L4 is an affordable solution that provides impressive results.